Nov 27, 2008

I was looking for a picture to explain how I feel at the moment and I came across this one....oooo HOW CUTE! but HOW I feel is the mother Hippo behind!! I feel HUGE! Ive got celulite in my arms...yes Im retaining alot of fluid.....and cant wait to get moving again. All exercise has ceased because Ive got a lot of pressure in my pelvic area, this jellybean is now a watermelon!...... I have been doing my pelvic floor muscles.... but even thats exhausting.

Yes ladies and gents im coming to the end of this journey AND WANT THIS BUBBA OUT OF ME!!!!

Todays been inspiring, well Ive been sitting at this Temp job (reception at Defence SA) watching YOU TUBE's of Monica Brant in the gym and Jennifer Hendershot at PHAT camp GEEZ These girls ROCK! They make ME pumped everytime!
....and Ive been mind surfing what il do 6wks after baby.....the plan is simple.... the goal is small ....we shall start with core exercise, stretching and keeping up the pelvic floor. They say apparently "9 months to carry and 9 months to lose" so thats what il give myself. I wont be no 'Nicole Richie or Posh spice' after this journey, no no no... there will be no 6weeks to skinnyville....not that they even have nice bodies anyway! not anything to desire in my eyes.

This week I finished my last Cert 4 exam! woooohoooo what an achievement that has been! Ive got 2 more assignments and thats it FULLY QUALIFIED PT! Spartze over next weekend YEHHHH!! and we'll be chilling and catching up...... get some relaxtion into this girl! get her a tan and some nice SA Wine into her! Shes not going to wana go back to Melbourne ; ) heheheh thats the plan ; )
So il come back with some gossip from how our weekend went very soon!

Nov 17, 2008

Lifes good! Belly's bigger and study is nearly over, Xmas is 5weeks away, baby's 12weeks away.... Im in a good place right now. Update soon.

Nov 7, 2008


Ive been shopping on ebay! and have had lots of fun! and then hubby took the credit card away from me ; ( so no more shopping for JL ; (
I love this! only pay $25 I also purchased a little pair of Nike shots......just like mine....sooo cute!
Hubby and I are off to Mt Compass Country Cabins on Sunday. A quick little romanitic getaway before bubs comes along and for my birthday on Tuesday Nov 11th AND on my actual birthday we are off to Monarto Zoo for the day to go behind the scenes and feed the lions! IM SOO EXCITED! hopefully theres cubs there. Hubby keeps shit stirring me saying they'll eat me cause theres more of me to eat!
And got some great news the other day my beautiful friend Katie is coming for a visit to Adelaide in December!

Hubby's been working so hard. He's trying to finish his folks tiling before they come back from Europe next weekend, but been doing it after work hours. He's tiling their huge family room, this means straight after work till about 11pm every night for the last 2wks. Its a suprise for when they return home cause its been un-tiled for 15years! so this holiday will be well deserved! Ive organised a special little treat for him Monday morning....a massuese will come to the cabins and he'll enjoy a 1 hour massage out by the river! bless him!

Got a Movement Analysis exam tonight YUK! and then Nutrition lecture till 9pm, tomorrow 9am-5pm and then HOME FREE....were OUTTA HERE!


Your baby weighs almost 2 pounds, measures around 14 inches from head to heel, and hears noises, responds to light, and is generally more aware of its surroundings. In the same way that you can see a flashlight if you hold it against your palm, your baby can see the light coming through your belly. You may notice increased activity when in brighter light and decreased activity in darkened rooms. Its hearing is fully developed, and as he or she reacts to sounds, its pulse increases. Your baby may even move in rhythm to music!