Feb 23, 2009


One very tired Mamma and Bubby

Duke sleeps so much...I just wana play and cuddle with him! but i resist and just watch him sleep like an obsessed mother...lol cause i can! He is just adorable...I call him my lil'Piglet cause he eats like its his first meal everytime! and he grunts in his sleep! just too damn cute! Im loving motherhood!

Finding it hard to get energy levels back at this stage, like Andrea quoted "One day at a time" so true. Its the split sleeps that are making me so tired at the moment. I have little snacks like mueseli bars and pears next to my bed for during the night feeds cause I wake starving! My belly has gone down dramatically...all I have is a pot belly at the moment considering how big I was in the end. Hubby goes back to work on Wednesday then it will be me and the Duke : ) this is when Il start routining myself and experimenting the best times of the day to walk/eat/clean...and just take on my new position "stay at home mum" eventuating back in the gym.

Thankyou for all my lovely messages....you guys rock! x

Feb 19, 2009

We have a Baby!

Hello all! I'd like to introduce you to a new man in my life Duke Rositano Born at 3.48pm Via C Section on th 10th Feb 2009 weighing 8.1pd and at 52cm Im in love : )
He has the biggest green eyes, chubbiest cheeks, kissable lips, squeshy squashy nose and the cutest little dimple on his chin.... I cant believe he's mine!

But how he entered this world was not the most joyful moment....he scared his Mummy, Daddy and Dr Svigos! It was Tuesday morning and I had booked in to be induced....I wasn't coping in Adelaide's hotest and longest heat wave in history. I had high blood pressure from the heat and ankles as big as watermelons! Heart burn that would never go away and I couldnt drink enough water....enough was ENOUGH!
So we arrived at the hospital at 8am and the midwife had placed the gels in to soften my cervix. I was already 1cm dialated. By 12pm and a morning of watching the bush fire devastation from the hospital bed, still nothing. As I lay hooked to monitors to monitor Duke's heart rate my Doc comes at 3pm to break my waters....geez was that a tital wave! and not a nice feeling at all!

My Doc, hubby and I discuss the next process, and that going by a centimetre dialation per hour I would not have him till 10pm that night. In the midst of this conversation and minutes after he has broken my water the Doc becomes increasingly concerned at Duke's falling heart rate..... My blood pressure drops and I get sick and Dukes heart rate is down to 60 beats/minute (should be between 140-160 beats/min) Caios and PANIC begins! I have consent forms placed in my face to sign for emergency Ceaser@! He calls for other nurses and midwifes in the room, Aneathesis comes in 2 short minutes, Im numbed from the breast down and rushed into theatre...Dukes in major distress. Poor hubby's running behind trying to place on his threatre clothes and I dont know what the hell is happening!.....its all a big blur and very very scary. Duke's born within 20min.
After my water had been broken, my uterus compressed and the cord was around his neck twice blocking his airway and sending him into distress and lowering my blood pressure dramatically. Adam, my hubby watched him being ripped from me and Doc unravelling the cord from around his neck. Duke was then checked and cleaned before he was handed to me with a tick of health ...in the nick of time. Much appreciation was awarded to Dr Svigos and his team for such a rapid decision to have me in theatre and saving Duke all within 20min! Monitoring and steadying his heart rate in that time. So much for having him at 10pm that night!

I then spent 2hrs in recovery and a good nights sleep, the midwives took Duke into the Nursery for the 1st night and brought him to me only to feed, I was in great pain and much Pethadine. Fortunely Duke is a great feeder and latched on straight away, no problems there! and just a beautiful gorgeous little boy that I Thank God for every day. I love love love being a Mum and I treasure every moment with him!
Aunty Katie's outfit that she bought him when she was here in Adelaide
Also a HUGE Congratulations to Andrea and Hubby on the birth of little Harris Pedro!

Thank Heavens for little Boys : )