Dec 14, 2008

OK OK Im sorry Ive ignored you blogger , I found a new love....he's just as fun as you, his name is Face book... Im sure its only temporary but I have been enjoying our time together....What can I say? Il try not to ignor you again ; )
Katie came over last weekend and we ABSOLUTLEY loved having her here! we had so much fun just relaxing, kicking back and enjoying the sunshine, good food and good company! it was'nt enuf time...What a beautiful beautiful girl she is. My husband made her into his surrogant wife! he loves the attention the big tart! On Sunday we caught up with Cheryl, Magda, Kerry, Kate and Vivienne for brekkie which was nice and the rest of the day we hang out down at Glenelg and went on the new Ferris wheel which went extremely slowww...oh well you could see all of Adelaide from the top. AND a big THANKyou Katie for my bootiful little 'Bebe' size 0000 jumpsuits....there so small and cute!
Katie introduced me to Lindy Olsens forum...which has been great to catch up with everyone and read interesting journeys and meet new competitors! So if you havent been past yet come and say Gi'day!
Ive had a growth spurt....I can feel elbows and shoulders rolling against my tummy....weird but delightful feeling. With this my bellybutton is offically an outty! LOL and I seriously need to consider taking my belly ring out cause its irritating on my clothes.
Im officailly on maternity leave....OMG I'd never thought of ever writing that BUT I AM! and I love it! its the first time I've been off work for so long and havent felt guilty! were on the one wage now, but we seem to be doing fine so far. Its seriously just spending patterns that makes the difference, spend less have more...simple....I never thought we would be able to do the one wage but we are.
OK back to Face Book..sharing is caring ; )

Dec 1, 2008

WOOP WOOP!! WOOP WOOP! From the lovely Cheryl's blog...... How exciting is this! Glenelg is the most beautiful place in Adelaide! What a way to get me pumped and motivated 1 month after giving birth! (Im due Mid Feb) And the girl on the pick is the winner of my division when I competed at the Wagga Comps 2006, Deanna Murphy.......NOW IM PUMPED! This is my town lady, I should be on that poster!! GET OUTA TOWN!
LOL....thats todays outburst.