Dec 1, 2008

WOOP WOOP!! WOOP WOOP! From the lovely Cheryl's blog...... How exciting is this! Glenelg is the most beautiful place in Adelaide! What a way to get me pumped and motivated 1 month after giving birth! (Im due Mid Feb) And the girl on the pick is the winner of my division when I competed at the Wagga Comps 2006, Deanna Murphy.......NOW IM PUMPED! This is my town lady, I should be on that poster!! GET OUTA TOWN!
LOL....thats todays outburst.


Cheryl D said...

I said the same think! Hayzer said Adelaide is not ready for a female Bodybuilder yet. This year Figure, next year fit body then BB. I have 3 years to make the poster. I will be hard as nails by then.
C U Sunday lovely.

Magda said...

Hi JL,

I agree. It should be an Adelaide girl on there. There are many who would be worthy.

Sounds like you'll be along on Sunday so I cant wait to talk to to you again.



Kimmy said...

Hey I jut found you - don't know if you remember me but it is Kimmy - I met you in Wagga for your comp and came around to the house with Ali to visit you at your aunty's. Hey congratulations on your pregnancy - enjoy every moment.
Live with Passion