Feb 23, 2009


One very tired Mamma and Bubby

Duke sleeps so much...I just wana play and cuddle with him! but i resist and just watch him sleep like an obsessed mother...lol cause i can! He is just adorable...I call him my lil'Piglet cause he eats like its his first meal everytime! and he grunts in his sleep! just too damn cute! Im loving motherhood!

Finding it hard to get energy levels back at this stage, like Andrea quoted "One day at a time" so true. Its the split sleeps that are making me so tired at the moment. I have little snacks like mueseli bars and pears next to my bed for during the night feeds cause I wake starving! My belly has gone down dramatically...all I have is a pot belly at the moment considering how big I was in the end. Hubby goes back to work on Wednesday then it will be me and the Duke : ) this is when Il start routining myself and experimenting the best times of the day to walk/eat/clean...and just take on my new position "stay at home mum" eventuating back in the gym.

Thankyou for all my lovely messages....you guys rock! x


Andrea said...

Hi Jaimee-Lee,

Congratulations on little Duke! He is georgous. Sorry it has taken me a while to get to leaving you a message - I'm sure you understand - the computer isn't my highest priority when I get a break from Harris!
I know what you mean about them sleeping all the time - they are just so snuggly aren't they! Harris has decided that he will only sleep in our bed at night so I get to snuggle him all night.
Keep up the great work!

little rene said...

I LOVE the new look blog! Hope everything is going well for you during this super special time :)

Anonymous said...

JL!!! CONGRATS HONEY - in the voice of the character from little britain "I WANT THAT ONE" your DUKE is just angelic.....I look forward to the day i have one angel of my own.


Alicia Negrin said...

Hey hun....got a new blog....http://timefornewchallenges.blogspot.com/. Big hugs to you, Ads and Duke xo