Nov 27, 2008

I was looking for a picture to explain how I feel at the moment and I came across this one....oooo HOW CUTE! but HOW I feel is the mother Hippo behind!! I feel HUGE! Ive got celulite in my arms...yes Im retaining alot of fluid.....and cant wait to get moving again. All exercise has ceased because Ive got a lot of pressure in my pelvic area, this jellybean is now a watermelon!...... I have been doing my pelvic floor muscles.... but even thats exhausting.

Yes ladies and gents im coming to the end of this journey AND WANT THIS BUBBA OUT OF ME!!!!

Todays been inspiring, well Ive been sitting at this Temp job (reception at Defence SA) watching YOU TUBE's of Monica Brant in the gym and Jennifer Hendershot at PHAT camp GEEZ These girls ROCK! They make ME pumped everytime!
....and Ive been mind surfing what il do 6wks after baby.....the plan is simple.... the goal is small ....we shall start with core exercise, stretching and keeping up the pelvic floor. They say apparently "9 months to carry and 9 months to lose" so thats what il give myself. I wont be no 'Nicole Richie or Posh spice' after this journey, no no no... there will be no 6weeks to skinnyville....not that they even have nice bodies anyway! not anything to desire in my eyes.

This week I finished my last Cert 4 exam! woooohoooo what an achievement that has been! Ive got 2 more assignments and thats it FULLY QUALIFIED PT! Spartze over next weekend YEHHHH!! and we'll be chilling and catching up...... get some relaxtion into this girl! get her a tan and some nice SA Wine into her! Shes not going to wana go back to Melbourne ; ) heheheh thats the plan ; )
So il come back with some gossip from how our weekend went very soon!


Spartze said...

yea spunkybum soooooooooooooooo cant wait for next weekend wohooo less than a week to go xx

Cheryl D said...

Well done to finish your exams.. one less thing to worry about. Now grow that bean.XX

Sam D-M said...

owww JL, sorry to hear you have pelvic pain must be very frustrating not being able exercise.